Why read my travel blog?

Why should you read my blog?
Well I might have something interesting, something funny, sad, new/old, scary, or something relatable. You might find new places, new things or go through some aches and pains with me. I just might make you smile or cry. Hopefully you’ll find something that you find enjoyable in my travels.

If you find that you do enjoy my blog that’s awesome. Bare with me as I go through the travel adventure and figure out how to blog it successfully. 

If you don’t enjoy my ramblings and I’m just not your cup of tea that’s ok. I hope were entertained while you were here and that you can find another group or blog with the kind of people, places and things that you do like. 

Be happy because everyone deserves to be happy  😊

If I am your cup of tea, but more importantly, your shot of whiskey too, stick around. You can live or relive through my travels, my adventures and my crazy thoughts. 

Hold on for the ride, 

Shotgun style!