Las Vegas-Day 2

All day at the pool. I have my day bed reserved, laptop and kindle, all set to chill for hours.

I will say Caesars Palace has not impressed me with its initial customer service. They do great making up for the errors when brought to their attention.

A slight confusion with my daybed reservation. Probably because we used a Groupon, but don’t offer it if you can’t get it right. The manager personally came over to apologize and everything worked out.

It’s a beautiful day, not crowded, and it’s time for me to enjoy the sun.

Las Vegas-Day 1

Las Vegas is an interesting place. Seems a lot of people need to getaway and forget who they are everyday. The filters fall off and the weird and wild side they’ve pushed deep down emerges with a flash.

We ate dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Heels Kitchen. Great food, severely over priced, but worth it for the experience. Our waiter was amazing. Our table was up next to the window over looking the strip.

We shared a tomahawk steak and had a fancy dessert with a table side show.

Today will be spent at the pool reading and relaxing.