Road trip 2019 Update

We’ve added a stop at the Grand Canyon. I know we went last year but it’s worth a second and even third trip.

The beauty of our national parks calls to me in a way I never thought it could.

Which is why we are almost taking the same trip as last year and hitting Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone.

We’ll have different stops along the way but we want more time to hike and explore these natural wonders. I want to slow down and enjoy each moment.

I was surprised with tickets to a San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field. Our seats are on third base side, 6 rows up from the field and near the visiting Giants dugout.

I really want a ball and plan on enticing the local commentator Krup & Kuip with a Gammer Babe poster. You might see Princess Shotgun Rider on TV.

So that’s all we have right now.

Time to start pulling out the camping gear and checking out our bikes. Fingers crossed I only fall a few times thins trip. No more stitches for this two wheeled challenged girl .

Yellowstone and Horses

That’s it. That is all we have on our agenda this year. 3 nights at Old Faithful and a trail ride near Roosevelt Lodge ending with a BBQ.

Today is Mother’s Day and my plan is to sit down with my atlas and start plotting some possible route and locations to visit between California and Wyoming.

We have less than 2 months to get this trip on paper. Wish me luck.