Behind Again

Planning for our 2019 road trip hasn’t started yet. Usually we have some sense of where our ultimate destination will be.

Not this year. Planning has been more like conversations in passing. Nothing decided but a few ideas tossed out without a second thought.

We have talked about New Orleans. That was scratched quickly. A road trip would not be enjoyable if we fished back and forth.

Possibly Canada, new places or back to Victoria. That’s on the maybe list. It was beautiful.

I originally voted for Texas but then though even Texas is too hot for me. Plus I’ve heard the Alamo doesn’t have a basement. No use going there now.

The one place we both agree would be nice to visit again is Bryce and Arches National Park. Perhaps stay longer in each location this time.

Thinking as I’m writing, I’m pretty sure that’s what we will do.

Maybe I’ll plan this years trip as a surprise. Make the whole thing a mystery to my driver. I can give directions from the shotgun seat and make all of the decisions. This could work.

I guess it’s time to renew the KOA membership.