Don’t judge a resturant by the outside

While taking a familiar road trip through Colfax, CA, headed to Reno, we attempted to stop and eat at a diner we have passed for years. We always pass it and say “we should eat there sometime”. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any parking doer drove up the highway a bit. We landed at a “roadhouse” called TJ’s

The outside wasn’t fancy.  The parking lot shared space with a hair and nail salon. A typical small town resturant.

Upon entering the place I noticed clean tables and a very homey atmospher. 

We were seated next to the open bar surrounded by neon beer signs and a view of the food pick up window, 

Hedi, our waitress, greeted us with a   Smile and took our order. I loved how the place was full of locals. Just our kind of place. 

The menu had breakfast and lunch food. 

There’s a separate dinner menu theat starts at 5pm. 


I choose an omelet and hubby got a cheese burger. 

I was stuffed halfway through my meal but hubby ate every bite of that messy burger. You know the kind that drops with grease and sauces. The kind you’ve got to lean in to takea bite then lick your fingers because it tastes that great. My omelet was huge, two big fluffy pancakes potatoes. Roll me out the door now. 

Taking in some of the decor I found a sign next to our table that proved we were meant to stop here. 


I am looking forward to returning soon and trying the dinner menu. Hubby and I highly recommend TJ’s Roadhouse. 520 S. Auburn St. in Colfax

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.