Adventure by Bus

This is a entirely new experience for me. As some of you may know from following me, I had a seizure in December. Due to me having a laps of contiousness, my drivers license was temporarily suspended. I won’t bore you with the “discussions” I’ve had with the dept of motor vehicles since my doctor has cleared me to drive. Let’s just say I wish they worked just as hard to restrict those with DUI’s. Anyhow. Let’s talk about my bus adventure. 

 Hubby booked me a round trip seat on Greyhound for one of my regular spa trips to Reno. Waking at 5:00am we drove through the rain to Oakland Greyhound Station. As we sat in an old marble floored waiting area my anxiety was stirring.  You see, I don’t step outside of my comfort zone much. Hardly ever by myself and this is a huge leap. It may seem minor to you but it’s on epic level for me. Getting there early was required but sitting and waiting amongst strangers kept me on high alert. I think that’s one of my fears of flying. I like traveling with people I know. Controlling most of my surroundings calms me. Ok on yo more trip stuff and less of my feelings.

Hubby stayed until I boarded then headed to work. He bought me priority boarding so I was the first ones on. Others were already on from an earlier leg of their trip. 

Choosing a seat for a 7 hour bus ride (4 hours when I drive)  requires some research. Everything online said choose middle to front. Bathrooms are near the back. Enough said. Seats are 2 by 2 and spacious. Plenty of leg room. Ok that’s what I was told but that wasn’t true. Just like there wasn’t a power outlet to charge my phone anywhere close. My iPad is completely charged so I’ll be ok. 

So off in my bus adventure. Wish me luck. 

It’s was decided, Canada!

I finally did  it! I decided our 2017 summer road trip will be to Canada. With a whole lot in between. Even though I keep seeing things for Louisiana, that trip will have to be for another year. 

We will be starting out from the bay area of California. There’s a whole lot on the coast I’ve never seen.
Since I like to have some sort of goal  or planned destinations, I’d like to see some light houses. Also I’ve always wanted to camp out on a beach. 

Another plan is to hit some resturants I’ve wanted to eat at. I’ve never mentioned it before but I love watching cooking and food shows.

My love of cooking started with Julia Childs. As well as when my aunt would let me sit on her counter while she cooked from scratch. She would let me stick my fingers in the sauce or other foods she was cooking. The best part of my aunts cooking was she was always on a budget and I learned how to make something out of nothing from her. As a stay at home mom, she watched her kids plus my sister and I.  My mom worked very hard to support us as a single mom. I couldn’t be more proud of what my mom was able to accomplish for my sister and I but my aunt and our cooking was very special to me.

So going back to my love of cooking and watching Julia Childs. I remember watching her on my black-and-white TV. OK so that dates me a little bit but mainly I had a black-and-white in my room because I was spoiled and had a TV when I was two years old. When I was a little older, I would set my alarm to make sure I was up early when Julia Childs show was on the Public Broadcast System. I watched Sesame Street and electric company as well but loved watching Julia Childs. Needless to say one of my favorite movies is Julie/Julia. 

From there I watch the galloping gourmet, any food section on the news and anything else I could find on TV. Remember this was well before VCRs or DVR’s. If you missed it, you missed it.

I also found my love of cookbooks. What kid under the age of 10 asks for the Betty Crocker cookbook or those fancy expensive cooking cards that were sent as a subscription every month. Just like those record or tape memberships. This girl right here, that’s who. I could sit and look at recipes and pictures of food for hours and hours. When most kids were reading novels I was reading recipes.

I have a reason for mentioning my love of cooking when it comes to my road trips. I try to find little diners and fun, out of the way places on my road trips. So I spent all morning looking at places to eat in Oregon and Washington. My favorite is running across them as we drive but having a plan or destination helps. 

To help with my planning I’ve been using Food Network’s diners drive-ins and dives and other shows from my favorite chefs. 

Speaking of Food Network I remember when the FX channel changed to food TV. I sat up until midnight waiting for the channel to switch over. Nerdy probably but I was so excited. I was yelling at the TV when it was delayed. Now Food Network is just a constant background noise while I cook clean or read. I remember when it was basically all Emeril Lagossi shows. Now the number of shows I can use as a reference are huge. 

I’ve also planned on going on the Shanghai tour and Portland Oregon. It’s an underground tunnel tour of how men were shanghaied, (kidnapped) and put on boats to China. That’s about all the history I know which is why I want to take the tour. 

Planning the route we are going to take is fun and always flexible. 

It’s time to continue planning my 2017 Summer Road trip tour to Canada. Wish me luck.