Sunny November Drive

Today I’m on the hunt for unique items for my garden. Who would have thought I would be driving around in the sun in the middle of November. There’s a chill in the air but I can tell it’s going to warm up and be a beautiful day to drive with the windows down, feet hangin out, while I ride shotgun. 

Our drive took us to the Sacramento Antique Faire. It’s an outdoor street fair, free parking but cost $3 each to get in. The weather was beautiful. There was tons of things to look at.  I had to restrain myself and set a budget. 

Some items have prices, some didn’t. If I felt the price was high I would counter offer. Nothing “had” to come home with me so I felt comfortable negotiating. 

After finding an adorable $5 football wall hanging with the number 88 on it, I was number 8, I started my hunt for hanging lanterns. I was able to find a lot but not everything was in my budget. I settled on 3 very unique lanterns. Paid $12 for all of them. They will look great in my garden siting area. 


The last item I purchased was a new Patch for my collection. 

I’m looking for something to fill my belly now. Ice cream would really taste good about now. Wish me luck hunting for the mysterious ice cream store.

Sunday drive in Marin County, finding happiness

My surprise road trip this Sunday was to Samuel Taylor Park in Marin for a bike ride and picnic.
Since I have never ventured far out of my tiny safe town, this is new to me. Hubby likes to take me places I can ride my new bike and explore new places. The park is beautiful. I have a feeling it’s busy in the summer. Today it was quiet, a little chilly, and peaceful. 

The park has overnight tent camping, cabins, and day use BBQ sites with tables. The stream that runs through was clear and looked very cold. I had no desire to get close to the water. 

The bike trails were fairly flat. My favorite. Hills and I do not get along. Gravity wins everytime but I must say I’ve gotten much better when I fall. No new stitches. 

My favorite part was running across a new Little Library. If you read some of my older posts, you’ll remember me finding my first little library at Heards Store. 

This new library was just built in August 2016. Wouldn’t it have been amazing if the volunteer who built this library saw my blog and was inspired. Ok probably didn’t happen but a girl can dream. It’s my blog so I get to choose my own reality. I choose to believe my words can make a positive influence on someone.

Ok back to my bike ride. In total we rode for almost 80 minutes and went about 8 miles. We stopped in a clearing near a little bridge to picnic. I insisted on having a cute basket on my bike. It has come in handy for these picnics. We sat on the grass listening to the water and just enjoying our time together. Hubby killed time by building with sticks, calling it his Blair Witch Project. Such a dork. 

It has taken us over 27 years to get to the point of slowing down and taking time to just enjoy being together again. Life seems to rush by at light speed. Kids, work, house, bills, it’s all overwhelming. Part of growing up true, but still overwhelming. Being able to take time for ourselves make us better  parents. 

Take a minute to plan a slow down trip. Don’t rush. Stop at a roadside farmers market. Turn back and checkout the yard sale you passed. Smile and talk to a stranger. Just be happy. 

That’s my wish for everyone.We all deserve happiness. I found mine again this weekend on a bike trail. I hope you find yours too!