Rainy Day Road Trip

The sun has gone into hiding for now but I still want my road trips. This time of year I disguise my road trips as Christmas shopping, but mainly it’s to find another adventure. I have two days to find a destination for this Sunday’s road trip. 

It’s not too cold out or stormy/windy so I can plan some outdoor walks. It’s fun to take strolls in the rain, get coffee, or in my husbands case, hot chocolate and window shop. 

I think this trip will be a treasure hunt. Lately I’ve been hitting up thrift stores and yard sales for small trinkets and candle type lanterns. I use them to decorate my front porch and garden. Eventually I hope to have a “SHE SHED” with a no boys allowed sign. I have 4 sons, plus hubby, that’s a whole lotta testosterone in my house. I want a quiet little space to start writing my novel that’s been rattling around in my pea brain for years. I’ll keep you posted on that work too. My treasures will eventually decorate my shed. Hope to have it completed by Spring 2017. 

I collect law enforcement patches from around the world as well. These are a small sample of my collection. I tend to get them by walking into the actual police/sheriff/ranger station and showing a LEO id, but some were purchased at thrift stores. My husband has competed in the Police and Fire Olympic Games and traded for some international patches as well. 
Many of these patches were collected during my last big road trip. If you are in law enforcement currently or retired and would like to trade patches please email me. Below is a picture of the patch I trade.

I am proud to be married to a man in such a hard position. My husband works hard. Our road trips are a way to relax and spend quiet time, just he and I. Everyone needs to turn their brains off occationally, regardless of what they do for a living. Road trips are his way of relaxing. I have several distractions but road trips with the love of my life, sharing smiles, laughter and new adventures are on the top of my list. I am a very lucky wife. 

Soooo, now you know a little more about me and why I love being his Shotgun Rider!

Stay tuned for more details from this Sundays road trip….

To be continued ……….