Snake River campground with all you can eat pancake breakfast

I’m jumping a ahead on our travel because I got behind while I had no cell service and lost 2 completed ready to post blogs. 

Last night we stayed at the cutest campground I’ve ever seen. Snake River RV park and campgrounds. We pulled up planning to stay over night in the tent we brought. Tent camping makes my trips much cheaper. 

When my hubby went to pay he asked if these mini cabins up front were availed? Wouldn’t you know cabin “#2” just got cancelled. For a grand total of $50 we got to stay in a cabin with a queen sized bed and a bunk bed. The screened Windows and ceiling fan was perfect. 

They gave us a stuffed snake with our receipt as a thank you please come again gift. 

After a nice hot shower I was exhausted. I tuned into the SF Giants game on Sirius radio and fell dead asleep. No idea who won the game. 

Waking with the sun I showered again since my hair was sticking straight up. Going to sleep with wet hair is never good. 

Dressed for the day I remembered the all you can eat pancake breakfast for $3.00. Settling down eating as much as I could equaled this. 

About 1 pancake and half a sausage link. Everybody who knows me knows I’ll be stuffed until dinner. 

Now it’s time to pack up and hit the road to Yellowstone.

Come join me in my adventure…. I’m ready to go!!!!!

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The Redhead

Just a mom who loves to take road trips, read and share my thoughts.

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